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Supply network operations
Supply network operations

Description of the module with additional application functions:

AI can help power and water supply networks operate more efficiently.

The application modalities for operating intelligent supply networks with artificial intelligence (AI) offer a wide range of opportunities to increase the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of the energy and supply infrastructure in companies. Here are some application examples:

  1. Energy flow optimization:

    • AI can monitor and optimize the flow of energy in smart grids to maximize the use of renewable energy sources and minimize the need for conventional energy.
  2. Grid balancing and load management:

    • Smart grids can detect peak loads and use AI to optimize load management, balance energy demand and prevent shortages.
  3. Fault detection and prediction:

    • AI can detect grid disruptions and outages before they occur by analyzing data from sensors and devices in real time to predict maintenance needs or potential problems.
  4. Network security:

    • AI can detect security threats in smart utility networks and activate protection mechanisms to ensure the integrity of the network.
  5. Data analysis and forecasting:

    • AI can use historical data and external factors to predict energy needs and enable more precise energy production and distribution.
  6. Energy efficiency optimization:

    • Companies can use AI to optimize energy consumption in their facilities and achieve energy savings.
  7. Renewable energy integration:

    • AI can facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy and wind energy, into the utility grid.
  8. Electromobility:

    • Smart grids can support electric mobility by controlling and optimizing the charging of electric vehicles to match the demand on the grid.
  9. Customer management:

    • AI enables companies to better understand their customers' energy needs and consumption patterns and offer tailored tariff plans and services.
  10. Network monitoring and maintenance:

    • AI can automatically monitor the health of the utility network and identify maintenance needs to minimize downtime.
  11. Network modernization and upgrades:

    • Smart utility networks can use AI analytics to recommend prioritized upgrades and modernizations to increase efficiency and reliability.
  12. Data visualization and reporting:

    • Companies can use AI-based tools to transform energy consumption data into understandable reports and dashboards that support the decision-making process.
  13. Sustainability and CO2 reduction:

    • AI can help reduce carbon footprint by increasing the use of renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency.
  14. Network and device automation:

    • AI can enable automated control and management of networks and devices to optimize energy consumption and respond to changes in real time.
  15. Network capacity management:

    • AI can support capacity planning and optimization of utility networks to efficiently manage increasing energy demand.

The possible applications of AI in the operation of intelligent supply networks range from network optimization and network security to promoting energy efficiency and sustainability. Companies that rely on smart grids can benefit from more reliable energy supplies, cost savings and better control over their energy consumption.

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