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AI can support idea generation and evaluation by suggesting and supporting innovative approaches based on data analysis.

AI-driven innovation management offers companies opportunities to increase efficiency, identify new business opportunities and drive innovation. Here are some application modalities:

1. Idea management:
- AI can be used to collect, categorize and evaluate ideas from employees and customers. This allows companies to more easily identify and prioritize innovative proposals.

2. Technology Scouting:
- AI can analyze trends in the technology industry and help companies identify emerging technologies that could be relevant to their business.

3. Market analysis and customer feedback:
- AI can analyze customer reviews, social media posts and market data to gain insights into customer needs and preferences and generate new product or service ideas.

4. Product development:
- AI can accelerate the product development process by helping in concept development, prototyping and validation of ideas.

5. Open Innovation and Collaboration:
- AI-driven platforms can help companies enter into partnerships and collaborations with external partners, startups or research institutions to promote innovation.

6. Patent analysis:
- AI can search and analyze patent databases to help companies identify patents and technologies that may be relevant to their innovations.

7. Risk management:
- AI can help companies assess the risks associated with innovation and develop appropriate risk mitigation strategies.

8. Portfolio Management:
- Companies can use AI to manage their innovation portfolio, allocate resources efficiently and ensure that projects meet company goals.

9. Innovation competitions and rewards:
- Companies can use AI-driven platforms to organize internal or external innovation competitions and encourage employees or external experts to participate.

10. Lifecycle Management:
- AI can help companies track the entire life cycle of products or services and make decisions about improvements or discontinuations.

11. Marketing and distribution of innovations:
- AI can help develop marketing strategies and sales plans for innovative products or services.

12. Trend analysis and future research:
- AI can help identify megatrends and future developments in the industry or society to develop long-term innovation strategies.

13. Knowledge management:
- AI can help collect, organize and access employees' knowledge and experiences to promote the culture of innovation in the company.

The application modalities of AI-driven innovation management are diverse and can support companies in remaining competitive and developing innovative solutions to existing challenges. However, companies should ensure that they select the appropriate AI tools and platforms and promote an innovation culture that enables the integration of AI into the innovation process.

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